Hello Outlook, Show Me Your Reel 

Directed by Kris Cook; Ammr Khalifa; Jared Woods


Launched: 13 June 2012
Written by: Ammr Khalifa
Filmed by: Kris Cook
Edited by: Kris Cook
Starring: The Funpowder Plot

Our entry to film a documentary at Outlook Festival 2012, which was a great excuse to make our very first showreel, a loose collection of all things Funpowder to date.

And now for something completely different...

Valentine's Day
 _ Crayonimation
 _ Directed by Jared Woods

Shura - Touch
 _ Music Video
 _ Directed by Ammr Khalifa

Putin Wins Olympic Gold, Sochi 2014
 _ Motion Design
 _ Directed by Kris Cook

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