Nitrous of the Living Dead 2:
HELLium on Earth

Directed by Ammr Khalifa


Launched: 25 July 2012
Written by: Ammr Khalifa
Filmed by: Ammr Khalifa; Ashley Cooper
Edited by: Ashley Cooper; Ammr Khalifa
Sound by: Ashley Cooper; Ammr Khalifa
Title Graphics by: Kris Cook
Starring: Jared Woods

'The only reason I would write a sequel is if I were struck by an idea that I felt to be equal to the original. Too many sequels diminish the original.' - Dean Koontz

'When the original Nitrous was conceived somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it didn't just end there. Oh this was just a fun as the first, and just like the first Jared was willing to go as far as he would to make what was once an idea into reality. Not to mention Ash's hard work in the following months, his creative input helped shape it into what it is, and also to Kris who managed to fit into his freeloading lifestyle the creation of our titles, which as I write this have yet to see but know will look amazing. A fun short, one that makes me laugh, and hopefully for some of you maybe a fright or two. This is by far one of my favorite projects, and you never know, part 3 anyone??' - Ammr

'When Ammr approached us to shoot the sequel to Nitrous, there were a few immediate continuity issues that we were faced with. My hair was no longer black; the original long-sleeve had gone walkies; and my glasses had since been smashed to bits. However, thanks to the genius of Mr. Khalifa and Ash, we managed to duct tape the problems and shoot what I feel to be a much suprior short to my already favourite FPP piece. Once again, I got blind drunk so the whole thing is a lol for me to watch, and I hope you feel the same. Look out for the Bieber cameo!' - Jared

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