Doritos Can't Resist The Crunch 

Guest Directed by Andy McCormick


Launched: 16th February 2010
Written by: Andy McCormick
Filmed by: Kris Cook & Ammr Khalifa
Post by: Kris Cook
Sound by: Kris Cook
Starring: Ashley Cooper; Katt Cullen

'This project was born out of a collective desire to do something creative in film and my personal goal to prove to myself I was capable of producing a project. Being my first attempt at writing and directing for film it was a thrilling yet gruelling experience. The highlight was working with such a talented group of people with the skills and determination to turn my vision into reality. Our approach to the project was to make a professional product good enough to go on television and I think we achieved this beyond our expectations. Kris Cook's vision through a lens is inspiring; he is a true talent progressing with every project he touches. I was Lucky enough to work with the same team on my short film this year. The FunPowderPlot are a unit of talented artists driven by a mutual passion for creativity with dangerous ability, watch this space!!!' - Andy McCormick

'This was my first real opportunity to work with Kris Cook as D.O.P, and I must say Kris is one of the greatest guys I've ever worked with. Mainly cos all we do is talk crap, but he is also one of the most visually creative people I know. Since that day we've worked on several other projects with many more still on the horizon. The shoot itself was physically demanding and took us from morning till the early hours of next morning to complete. Directed by Andy McCormick, who isn't just a great friend and wonderful guy, but also an extremely promising Director with enough talent to put Dave Grohl to shame.' - Ammr

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