David Lynch - Good Day Today 

Directed by Ammr Khalifa; Ashley Cooper; Jared Woods; Kris Cook


Launched: 20 December 2010
Written by: Ammr Khalifa; Ashley Cooper; Jared Woods; Kris Cook
Filmed by: Ammr Khalifa; Kris Cook
Post by: Ammr Khalifa; Ashley Cooper; Jared Woods; Kris Cook
Sound by: David Lynch
Cosmetics by: Tomomi Takeshita
Archive supplied courtesy of: Footage Farm; Clips & Footage
Starring: Ama Doe; Jock Thompson

Special Thanks to: Alison Mercer; Jenny Coan; Fillip Firlej; Alexander Rickard; Mark Phillips, Terry Bettles & Tvset

'This video was our submission for the Genero TV competition, where we got to make our own music video for David Lynch's fantastic song Good Day Today. To say we cut this one fine would be an understatement, the whole thing was shot and edited in a week exactly. Regardless, it turned out better than we could've hoped for and was special in many ways: it was our first venture into green-screen; we used an old broken projector which actually turned out to be perfect; and it was the first video with so many of us collaborating at once. Max props to Kris' editing skills which saved this video completely. In all honesty, the best thing we've done.' - Jared

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